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Roger T. is ACT Math Specialist For Hire

Retired College Science Professor who misses teaching - Tutor near Houston, TX

I am a retired college science professor. My graduate degree in microbiology is from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. I have taught at Texas A & M, Armstrong Atlantic University in Savannah, the University of Houston, and Houston Community College. Some of the courses I have taught are introductory biology, introductory chemistry, microbiology, cell biology, genetics and biochemistry. Since my retirement I have tutored students in the subjects listed above as well algebra, geom

Subject list: ACT Math, algebra 1, American history, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, Common Core, elementary math, GED, genetics, government & politics, microbiology, prealgebra, PSAT, SAT math, SAT reading, SAT writing, STAAR, trigonometry