Finding Academic Writing Jobs Near Me

Are you working freelance and want to find writing jobs near me? Sometimes it can be hard to find jobs that pay well and are located near to where you live. But that is the beauty of becoming a writer at BeeWriters. We are a company in the USA that can connect you with local job positions and you can use your creative skills and knowledge to write academic papers for students. In fact, it is never been easier to find writer jobs near me at BeeWriters since we offer a distance job model to help you.

The Duties of a Writer

If you want good jobs for writers, you will need to comply with the duties expected of you at BeeWriters. These are not difficult and they should be fun once you get started. As a writer, your main duty is to assist students with writing assignments and essays. This will be used as additional materials when they are studying for an exam or completing a paper they are assigned. These can be on topics you are an expert in, whether it is history or English. You will have to follow the requirements of the students. For example, they may have a topic already and certain sources that they want you to use. You will correspond directly with the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the work.

Once you have delivered the work to the client, you will be required to make any corrections. This is to ensure that customers are always happy with the work that they receive.

How to Become an Academic Writer at

Do you want to become a writer and find writing jobs near me? Well, you will want to know all about our hiring process first. It is simple. You will need to pass some qualifications to make sure that you are right for the position and are able to offer your writing services. First of all, you will need to provide some personal information about you. This will include registering your name. In addition, you will need to tell us about your professional skills and the writing experience that you have already. This will help us decide whether you are good for employment with us and are capable of completing academic writing for students that need help with assignments.

Next up, you will have to complete a 30-minute test. It is essential that you pass this test in order to start finding writer jobs near me. This will be an English test. Then you can provide us with a sample essay that is going to demonstrate your knowledge of a subject, as well as writing style, structure and the use of the English language.

All that is left is to submit a copy of your qualifications to be reviewed. This includes your diploma that you have or any other documents regarding your higher education. A copy of your ID is also necessary.

Only for Experts and Qualified Writers

BeeWriters want to provide an academic writing services that students can rely on. This means that it is important that only experienced and skilled writers apply. We are looking for experts on lots of topics and if you feel like you could be the right match, we encourage you to apply and show us a sample of your work. This way you can start finding writing jobs near me.

The First Registration Stage

If you are interesting in applying for good jobs for writers, the first step that you will need to take is to write to [email protected]. You should address this email saying that you wish to become at writer for the BeeWriters platform. Then you should provide the following necessary information:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Photo
  • Education (copy of your diploma or higher education document)

This is to store your personal information. You will also be required to provide some details about your experience and the skills that you have. Some of this information will be included on your future profile to students when you are looking for a job posting. This includes:

  • The topics that you like and are good at
  • The writing skills you possess
  • Previous writing experience
  • Attach a sample of an essay you have written with sources

What You Can Expect

After you have sent off all of the required information, the manager at BeeWriters will be in contact with you. They will provide writers with a more detailed description of the terms of cooperation. This is when you will be required to pass the English test and show that you understand language and grammar. If this is passed then you will be required to complete an assignment. This will involve writing an essay on one of your strengths to see your skills and experience in action. It is important that you try your best.

BeeWriters will get back to you and let you know if your application has been successful. If you are welcomed onto the team, it will be time to create your own profile on the website. This will be completed with all your information so that you can start finding writing jobs near you.