Pradeep B. - algebra 1 Writer for Hire

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Pradeep B. is algebra 1 Specialist For Hire

Love to teach - tutor & mentor - Tutor near Madison, WI

I am an engineer with 5 years of work experience with SUZUKI motors in India. I love coaching and tutoring and I have experience in coaching undergraduate students in technical automotive topics like engine overhauling, transmission overhauling, vehicle design etc. I have further coaching and training experience of people in self-defense combat.I love simulation-based training method and I enjoy teaching concepts by correlating them with real world examples. I am passionate about the student

Subject list: algebra 1, algebra 2, business, career development, geometry, GMAT, GRE, Hindi, linear algebra, marketing, physics, prealgebra, SAT math, TOEFL, trigonometry