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Lulseged A. is algebra 1 Specialist For Hire

I have studied math ovet 5 years at three different Universities. - Tutor near Pearland, TX

Hi. I’m sort of an above average student recently graduated from high school and getting ready to head to college once summer is over. In school I took IB Diploma Courses including IB SL Spanish 5, IB SL Chemistry, IB SL Biology, IB SL Psychology, IB HL English 1 and 2 and finally IB HL History. Scores I got back from last year are a 4 in Biology and a 5 in Spanish, with scores from this year still to come in. I also received a 29 on my ACT the one time I took it. Given all that information, I’m

Subject list: algebra 1, calculus, geometry, linear algebra