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Karl Doudy A. is algebra 1 Specialist For Hire

For the love of Math and French, let's make them a dance to enjoy - Tutor near Lancaster, PA

Helping is a passion, and tutoring is just one way I do it. I have been in tutoring for quite a time now, and I not only enjoy tutoring, but love the interaction and all I learn from my tutees. I’ve been tutoring Math, Chemistry, and French at HACC, Harrisburg Community College, since last year when I came to the United States. I am a student from Haiti who’s here to get his Doctorate degree in Math, and go back and teach math in Haiti.I love the passion of learning I see in my tutees, and t

Subject list: algebra 1, algebra 2, calculus, French, GED, Microsoft Word, prealgebra, precalculus, trigonometry