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Justin A. is Algebra 1 Specialist For Hire

Experienced Math, Technology, and Programming Tutor - Tutor near Denton, TX

I’ve worked in a tutoring or teaching role for most of my adult life, and I love helping other people learn!While earning my B.S. in math, I worked in my university’s math clinic, tutoring a variety of (math) subjects, and while I was in graduate school I was a teaching assistant in the math department for two years, and for one year I worked in a high school geometry classroom, both enriching the students’ education and my ability to communicate and teach. I’ve been a private tutor in the yea

Subject list: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, ASP.NET, C, C#, C++, Calculus, Computer Programming, Computer Science, CSS, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, General Computer, Geometry, Grammar, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Linear Algebra, Linux, LSAT, Microsoft Excel,