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Hector F. is ACT Math Specialist For Hire

Let's do Math/Stats, it'll be fun and rewarding - Tutor near Round Rock, TX

Dear student or guardian:I’ve been teaching or tutoring mathematics and statistics for over 10 years. I have an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a graduate degree in mathematical statistics. I’ve taught college level courses in math and statistics in 4 different schools in the Chicago and Austin area. I often call teaching a “hobby” – I enjoy it that much. Here’s how I can help: I’ll sit with you and you will work problems. I’ll quiz you and point out your missteps. There’s

Subject list: ACT Math, algebra 1, algebra 2, biostatistics, calculus, differential equations, discrete math, finite math, geometry, linear algebra, logic, prealgebra, precalculus, probability, SAT math, SPSS, statistics, trigonometry