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Harshal M. is Adobe Photoshop Specialist For Hire

Conceptual and Applicable Tutoring - Tutor near Somerset, NJ

Hi,My name is Harshal and I have always found excitement in teaching others. I strongly believe that understanding the foundations and concepts before diving into the details is “the right way” to learn any new concept. It is really important for me to build that foundation early on. Math and science were the subjects I found the most fun as a student and that’s essentially because I was lucky to have teachers that taught me “the right way.” Tutoring has slowly become a passion of mine. Unders

Subject list: Adobe Photoshop, algebra 1, algebra 2, anatomy, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, elementary (k: 6th), elementary math, elementary science, MCAT, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, organic chemistry, physical science, physio