Crucelis L. - elementary (k: 6th) Writer for Hire

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Crucelis L. is elementary (k: 6th) Specialist For Hire

I am a professional in oil and gas who LOVES to teach! - Tutor near Houston, TX

I am from Venezuela. People call me Cucha (and I prefer to be called Cucha). I started teaching ESL back in undergrad school as a mean to make some money. I discovered I liked it very much but moving to different countries due to work did not allow me to.Now I am settled in Houston and I want to continue fueling my passion for teaching and decided to start tutoring. It does not have to be just ESL, I can help you out with math, calculus, science, many things! (as long as we set out those obj

Subject list: elementary (k: 6th), elementary math, elementary science, ESL/ESOL, TOEFL