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Alan V. is American history Specialist For Hire

NJ State Certified Latin Teacher - Tutor near Lexington, KY

I believe firmly that anyone can learn anything – and enjoy it! It all comes down to how the subject is presented. Consequently, my teaching philosophy centers on two key objectives: First, I work with the student and his/her particular interests to discover an approach to the material that makes learning the subject at hand fun, exciting and enjoyable. It is much easier to do something you like than to do something you hate. Secondly, I strive to present all material in the simplest and most ba

Subject list: American history, English, European history, geometry, German, grammar, GRE, Greek, Latin, literature, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, prealgebra, proofreading, reading, SAT math, SAT reading, SAT writing, vocabulary, wo